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19 Aug 2008
Handshakes in Web2.0
In the midst of the deployment news, Anne Giles Clelland contacted businesses in the Corporate Research Center park, where we've been for 12 years, and was looking for interesting companies to blog about. What a deal!
I sent her some great photos of Eric at Claytor lake. No dice-- kids' photos are verbottin on the web. So there's me, flying off the top of the boat dock, about a 15 foot drop, into Claytor Lake.
The Handshake 2.0 site and business model is a great one. Plus Anne Giles Clelland is super nice, an accomplished athlete, and really enjoys her work.
ACI , Family , General
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18 Aug 2008
Training, Fate, and Reactions
The orders are mighty valid, of course. In the last week, I pursued a few contacts in St Louis who sent me a standard form, saying I could apply for a hardship case, but that's not what I wanted at all. Just a standard answer to my call, I guess.
Lisa and I talked about it, at length, several times. The conclusion was that if I have to go, we can do this. Especially since so many of my friends have been 3 times or more! But there's a lot to do, to arrange, and prepare.
Reflecting on this new turn, what triggered the Army to suddenly decide its my time? I had just completed the Command and General Staff College course, "Intermediate Level Education", which took two summers plus a year of once-a-month weekends to Ft. Lee, Virginia. Ft Lee is the closest installation to my home in southwest Virginia, about a 4 hour drive. The course involved a lot of leadership development, history, doctorine, counterinsurgency warfare, logistics, and a big emphasis on joint operations.
This summer started with two weeks at Ft. Dix to finish ILE. Living in military barracks, roomates, intermitent A/C, Internet and hot water (pick 1 at a time. Maybe 2 on a good day).
Then a week back at work, but a few of those days were with Ethan at Cub Scout day camp, hosted at Camp Alta Mons. Then a week at Camp Ottari, wiht Eric, living in a tent with Troop 42. A week back at the office, then it was a week in our trailer at the lake, enjoying a great visit from my mother. Another week at the office, then off to Claytor Lake Aquatics base. In a tent. Another week back at work, then I saddled up for Camp Powhattanza: Ethan's 4-night Cub Scout adventure. Lots of great activities, and a really great time with my boys.
Ft. Dix turns out to be one of the more upscale places I stayed this summer. I probably logged more nights in a cot than my own bed! Have I just been getting prepped for these orders all along??
"You know, this tent living is fine, and standing in line for mess hall chow is dandy, but what would really make this special is to be far from my family, in a sea of sand and temperatures hitting 130 every day." **PING** The Orders fairy waived her wand.
It really was a great summer- particularly so because there was so much family time with Eric and Ethan, my mom, and several wonderful weekends on the lake with Lisa and the boys.
ACI , Army Deployment , Family , General
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