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22 Feb 2009
Catch and Release
Catch and Release: the Best Strategy for Sustainment
I've blogged before about how we call ourselves "Convoy Catchers" - carrying this analogy a little further, I'd like to apply it to a favorite pasttime: fishing!

Catch and Release, Convoy Style

  • Land convoy as quickly as possible. Keeping exhausted drivers at the gate leads to bad AARs.

  • Keep drivers on hand while removing the load. Avoid brusing the cargo or upsetting the protective gunner escorts.

  • Release drivers back to the road only after they have been rested and fed. If necessary, firmly remind the CC of rest requirements.

  • For missions so critical on time that connexes cannot be downloaded, emptied and returned the same night, download the connex, and put an empty back on; backhaul missions will eventually clear your yard of empty containers.

  • In COBs, release convoys when medevac is green.

  • Use one experienced NCOIC. Experienced NCOs make the mission easy by delegating jobs to each section with a ramp yard, MHE section, and customer waiting area.

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